The one with how it pays off to buy original parts

If you recall, a few weeks ago, the side mirrors of our Revo were stolen while on a visit to Banawe, the land of stolen merchandise. Cathy and I had since visited the area once (to purchase a tire), and while there, we were offered two new side mirrors for P800. That’s two mirrors. Cathy was adamant in her refusal to buy the mirrors, and while I wavered for a minute, I eventually respected my wife’s feelings and opted out.

Another friend of mine did some snooping around, and discovered it would cost P3,000 to buy “original” parts from Banawe. That seemed cheaper than the P5,000 we were told it would cost at the real Toyota store.

Today, I swung by Toyota Bel-Air to see how much it would really cost. The service was quite good (as always from Toyota!), and guess how much it would cost me?

P2,100, all in (labor and parts)! It’s more expensive to go to Banawe!

And that, my friends, is why it pays off to buy original parts. It may turn out to be cheaper, and the burden on your conscience is alleviated, knowing you’re treating your car well and not encouraging the rampant criminality of streetfolk in Banawe.

I love Toyota.


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