The one with Let’s Face It!

For women who wish to maintain healthy skin, a facial is an important part of their regimen. Yesterday, I went to Let’s Face It! Robinson’s Place Ermita to have a Facial with Collagen Mask (Php440) with my brother and a friend. I consider myself to have a very high pain tolerance since I breezed through many painful facial pricks in my life and did not need anesthesia until 8cm when I gave birth to Nathan. I cannot say, though, that I breezed through Let’s Face It! Man! That was the most painful facial I ever had. My brother and his friend had the same feedback. I am never going back to Let’s Face It! ever again!

Incidentally, the best facials I had were from The Spa Greenbelt and California Nails and Day Spa at Metro Metro. I believe, though, that the secret to a good facial is not the place but the attendant. If the person giving you a facial is really good, you hardly feel the pricks. Well, experience is the best teacher. At least, I can say that I survived yet another painful pricking session.


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