The one with Lug-a-Jug

Lug-a-Jug is my new water bottle. I’m telling you, the Lug-a-Jug rocks! It holds 64 ounces of water, that’s eight glasses of water. You fill it up at the start of the day and drink from it steadily throughout the day. At the end of the day, if you’ve finished it, you know you’ve reached the eight-glass-a-day requirement to ensure you’re not dehydrated.

Studies show that a properly hydrated human being is more attentive and energetic, and has clearer skin and better overall health.

I bought my Lug-a-Jug from Tet, who retails each high-quality, polycarbonate, dishwasher-safe Lug-a-Jug for only P260. Get one today!


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