The one specifically on Cello’s Donuts

A post I made August 15, 2005 talked about some yummy finds, including Cello’s Donuts on Taft Avenue, Cherry Hill bakeshop chicken pie, and Tazza Kahluea Walnut Cake. This is what I wrote about Cello’s.

Cello’s Donuts. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm! These donuts make Go Nuts, Hot Loops, Dunkin Donuts and Mister Donuts taste like deep fried flour nuts off the street. We’re talking delicious, mouth-watering, greaseless confections that melt in your mouth with just the right amount of sweetness without being overpowering.

With at least two locations I know of – De La Salle Manila and Ateneo de Manila, hm, I wonder why? – selling these incredible sweet treats, I can be anywhere in Manila and not be too far from a Cello’s. The best one off the selection is, believe it or not, cheese; I never thought I would ever enjoy a cheese donut, but then again, Cello’s uses a different kind of powdery cheese that pulls the trick off delightfully. Among their other truly yummy offerings: chocnut (ooh!), M&Ms (ooh ooh!), and dark chocolate (OOH!) with a Toblerone dip! God, there goes my diet!

Apparently, not too many people have heard about the amazing donuts that are Cello’s, including 90% of my officemates at work. So I bought a dozen donuts from Cello’s (six cheese, two peanut butter, two chocolate frost, and two sugar frost) to share with them. The Cello’s donuts disappeared in less than 30 minutes – given that I made one announcement, this was truly an indication of how delicious these little babies are.

Cello’s Donuts. In this humble blogger’s opinion, the best donuts in the world.

The two boxes containing six donuts each, cut onto morsels so people could share.

A closeup of the sugar frost, chocolate frost, and peanut butter frost donuts.

Cheese cheese cheese! I think these are the bestsellers, and if you could taste these, you’d see why.


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