The one where God blesses my music that glorifies His name

Last week, I submitted a demo CD of 17 original compositions (14 praise and worship, 3 secular) to some musical directors and influential people in the industry with one main intention: try to get some of my original praise and worship songs into their hands for possible inclusion in the albums of any artist in their roster.

This morning, I got a text message from one particular person who I shall call The Dreamer, who handed my CD to one musical director, and a portion of the message sent to him from this director said this:

“Track 17 I Desire has d most potential! 🙂 ganda ng melody! :)”

Glory to God! My songs have potential! My love song for God has a beautiful melody! It’s music to my ears!

I honestly hope they decide to take I Desire, as well as other tracks, because, well, as a lyric in I Desire goes, This is my desire: proclaim You awesome in this place. That by my music, His name may be glorified.

Praise God! I have so much joy in my heart, it’ll carry me through the rest of this week!


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