The one with the nominees for the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards 2005

This year, the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards turns three. Those who’ve been around for the whole journey know I first launched the Christian Blog Awards in January 2003 to honor the God-bloggers who blessed me immensely in 2002. At the time, when it was known as the Mere Madness Christian Blog Awards, it created little buzz but did bless Christ-bloggers who were in my immediate circle of blogs.

This year, all categories stay the same, save for the Favorite Christian Blog 2005, which I am renaming in honor of Bene Diction, God-blogger and first recipient of my Superblessed Hall of Fame Award. In honor of BD’s favorite encouraging phrase, I’ve renamed this category to the Blog On! Superblessed Christian Blog of the Year 2005.

Again, thank you, all our friends (and foes) online for helping make Superblessed what it is today. We’re blessed by you in ways you’ll never know.

Best Designed Blog.
2. Keren.
3. Refine
4. Riz.

Most Humorous Blog.
1. Bloggedy Blog.
2. In Between Panels.
3. Michael Main.
5.What in Tarnation?

Most Educational Blog
1. Ambergrs.
2. Avoiding Evil.
3. Bloggedy Blog
4. Dialog: Breaking the Bubble
5. He Lives
6. Mark Byron
7. Notes in the Key of Life.
8. Real Live Preacher.

Most Introspective Blog
1. 7 Day Holy.
2. Constantly Abiding.
3. Sinners Saved By Grace.
4. What a Beautiful Day!

Most Useful Christian Resource
1. Bible Gateway.
2. Blogs4God.
4. J-Zone.
5. Relevant Magazine.

Best Group Blog
1. Under the Juniper
2. Two Sents.

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog.
1. 7 Day Holy.
2. Can You Hear Me Now?
3. Chette.
4. Char.
5. Frances.
6. Living Room
7. Wanderings of a Post-Modern Pilgrim
8. In That Number.
9. Pia.
10. My Silverchair.

Most Enjoyable Male Filipino-Christian Blog.
1. Bobby Jon C.
2. Better Than Life!.
4. Denz.
5. Jordan the Jesus Rocker.
6. Jake.
7. The Normz.

Most Enjoyable Female Filipino-Christian Blog.
1. Char.
2. Chette.
3. Clairest of Them All.
4. Frances.
5. Hazella.
6. In That Number.
7. Jax Place.
8. Pia.
9. My Silverchair.
10. Tina.

Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
1. Bakura Chronicles.
2. Brownpau.
4. Galvin.
5. He Lives.
6. Living Room.
7. Michael Main.
8. Mr. Standfast.
9. Threshing Floor.
10. Tim Samoff.

Most Enjoyable Female Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
1. Beautiful Day!.
2. He’s the Reason I Sing.
3. Kyriosity.
4. Notes in the Key of Life.
5. Pia.
6. Shalom’s Web.
8. Sisters’ Weblog.
9. Such Small Hands.
10. Tracy’s Every Moment.

Superblessed Hall of Fame Award
Bene Diction Blogs On

The Blog On! Most Superblessed Christian Blog of 2005.
1. Better Than Life!.
2. Notes in the Key of Life.
3. Jax Place.
4. Sister’s Weblog
5. Such Small Hands.
6. What in Tarnation?


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