The one with Reuben Laurente

For years, I’ve followed The CompanY for the breathtaking voice of baritone/tenor 1 Reuben Laurente. His new album’s out, titled Langit (Filipino for “Heaven”), a gospel-pop album that you just know I’m going to get my grubby little hands on and play until the disc cracks. :

I’ll pass on a better review for Reuben’s album once I get a copy and give it a good listen. Meanwhile, check out what my friends Faith at 96.3 WRock and Rick at Jam 88.3 pulled off for me!


3 responses

  1. hurrraahh…. for reuben….
    we’ll always be on his back….. praying always for his success….
    thanks for supporting him also….. he deserves good words…..
    Thank God….. bless u always bentot…..

  2. Hi Juday!

    I love his music. It’s a shame radio doesn’t listen to him as often as they should, but it’s just as cool, isn’t it, to have great music again?

    Thanks for passing by The Deens Online! 🙂 Hope to see you visit us again soon.

  3. glory to GOD for blessings and for the opportunity of meeting you both via your site:) thank you so much for the encouragement:) i really hope i can live up to your expectations of me as an artist:) ngayon ko lang nakita tong site niyo and praise GOD dahl i have new friends in you guys…tnx to faith:) last oct 2006 nirelease ko ang first pop album ko and glory to GOD dahil it got 8 nominations at the Awit awards, our local version of grammy awards…i won best r and b and favorite male artist…by GOD’s grace maipagpatuloy ko itong gusto kong gawin:) i have just signed up with CANDID records, a multi national jazz label and i will be recording my all english jazz album Lordwilling to be released early 2008:) i also have my series at the intercontinental hotel manila’s Gambrinus on oct 12 and 19, oct 27 and 28 ill be guesting at the philippine madrigal singers victory concert at the ccp main theater and nov 16 i have my all kundiman show at the ccp silangan hall:) may GOD pour out His favor upon all of us 🙂 GOD is good and kwento naman jan…

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