The one wondering whether Elliot Yamin’s mother has cancer

A discussion on has some people hinting at Claudette Yamin, the mother of American Idol 3rd placer Elliot Yamin, having cancer. While some say the elderly Yamin’s hair, reference to hospital visits, and general countenance, all point to Mrs. Yamin’s fighting the dreaded disease, it has not been confirmed by either American Idol or Yamin’s camp and family.

Cathy said Yamin’s lackluster performance on last night’s American Idol clearly indicated something was up. “Something must have happened this past week,” she said, defending her favorite finalist.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “the passion he had last night doesn’t seem to be there this week.”

Is it perhaps because Elliot’s mom is fighting cancer? Regardless, he did a wonderful job, he made his mother proud, and he deserves a long and storied career. If Elliot’s mom indeed does have cancer, he knows he can rely on his millions of new friends to flood heaven with prayer.

Update: I’ve gotten some hits from Elliot fansites, claiming that Superblessed is spreading rumors about Claudette Yamin having cancer. Let me say for the record that this is absolutely not my intention nor my goal. We’ve been Elliot fans from the beginning and this post was written, if anything, to encourage people to pray for Claudette Yamin’s health – regardless of its cause – and to praise her for being a wonderful mother to one of American Idol’s greatest vocalists.


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