The one with how Nathan’s really talking

It thrills Cathy and me nonstop seeing Nathan grow up right before our eyes. Isn't he cute?

Nathan's also really starting to talk now in cohesive sentences. I think it's only a matter of weeks now before it all comes in one giant avalanche, and we'll spend the next fourteen years getting him to shut up. πŸ™‚


12 responses

  1. before you know it, he’ll be throwing puns just like you!

  2. He’ll be like Peter Pun. *groan*

  3. congrats, mister dean. πŸ™‚

    posts like that makes me nostalgic.

  4. You can have a “Fastest Speaker” contest! haha

  5. benj: Thanks! Good luck with that Fantasy PBB.
    Cands: I look forward to that day with a mix of excitement and dread. πŸ˜‰

  6. oist, i meant that in a good way. cass ponti and keanna made it far. it might work for you. hehe :p

  7. Well, it ain’t happening, Benj.

  8. aight. no problem.

    from the game perspective man, i think you have a realistic chance of winning.

    loving parent (check)

    god-fearing/religious (check – as long as people don’t see it as ‘too much’)

    musical talent (check – havent heard it but ill take your word for it)

    join join join. hehe

  9. Thanks, benj, but nah.

  10. well, i guess it’s not worth missing a few months of Nathan’s milestones. :p

    My son just started school this school year.

  11. Awesome! Good for you!

  12. hi…it’s nice to read all baby stuff in here. I am a mother of two and doing pretty well in the mommy department..however, things could really go crazy sometimes that it drives me nuts..this “sibling rivalry” thing is….never-ending…no book could help me deal with it…hehehe…

    Well by the way, the reason I got to this site is because of this hunter instinct in me to look for a new Apartment that we could rent. Is it still available?

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