My son’s prayer

Last night, Cathy and I led Nathan in prayer, as we usually do before he goes to sleep. After we had said “Amen” to close the prayer, we turned off the lamplight and tucked him in.

Imagine my surprise when a few seconds later, he suddenly said, “Lord.”

My son hasn’t quite gotten around to speaking in clear, cohesive sentences, and expressing his opinions and thoughts is very new to him. His saying out “Lord” was a genuine shock and thrill to Cathy and me. What followed out of his mouth next was nothing short of mindblowing.

“Lord,” he said, “thank you for Yaya…” [That’s his nanny!]

“… for Mommy…” [Cathy!]

“… and Daddy. [Me!]

“Thank you for milk.” [THANK YOU FOR MILK!]

Then he said, “Amen,” and went to sleep.

I wanted to cry and rejoice. That was my son’s first prayer, heartfelt and unled! Up to now, I still can’t get over it.

Isn’t God just fantastic, that He shows Himself powerful, even in little ways like a child’s prayer? PRAISE THE LORD.


6 responses

  1. That is so cute!!!

  2. Isn’t it?! Ooh, I love my baby!

  3. awww…ang cute! 🙂

  4. I believe he also said something about himself…Something like “bacha–bacha–pitan (nathan)” before he said thanks for the milk. Na-top bill pa si yaya…hehehe.

  5. wow…. that is soooo cute! moments like that gives me goosebumps! like the first time i heard my son say his first prayer from out of the blue, kakaiyak! now reading about Nathan’s first gives me the same feeling 🙂

  6. So amazing eh….!!!!!

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