Catch Ganns and Cathy on Studio 23 this Wednesday!

Learn more about proposing marriage on Studio 23’s Breakfast this Wednesday!

Breakfast, Studio 23’s longest-running local show, is focusing on love this Wednesday, August 2, 2006, and who else better to talk about wedding proposals than the owners of Perfect Proposals, the only wedding proposal planning service in the Philippines today?

Catch Breakfast on Studio 23 at 6AM onwards and catch Ganns and Cathy Deen as they give ideas and tips on how to develop that perfect proposal for the woman (or man!) of your life.

To text in questions you’d like answered in advance (either on the show or personally), send your message to 0920.907.3962.

God bless and see you on Wednesday!


2 responses

  1. gosh, i saw you guys this morning… i had a hard time remembering the site, good thing google was brilliant enough to lead me to this site =) u guys have a terrific job! i’ll spread the word to all of my guy friends!!!

    god speed 🙂
    stay positive.

  2. Soozie: Thank you very much! Your “endorsement” is the highlight of our day today! 😀

    God superbless!

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