A resort in Palawan I wish we could visit

In all my excitement to visit Palawan, I did a search for a beach resort in Palawan, and found very few official Palawan resort websites. What is up with all these Palawan resort package deals from travel agencies and portals? I’d like to see what each Palawan resort has to offer on its own – that’s how we booked a great deal at the Hotel Fleuris hotel in Palawan in the first place.

Anyway, in the course of searching for a resort in Palawan, I stumbled across this Palawan beach resort, and fell in love with it: the Flower Island Resort in Palawan! It’s a private island resort only a few minutes away from Palawan proper, and seems like the ideal island vacation paradise come true!
Listen to this: “The Flower Island Resort in Palawan offers immaculate white sandy beaches, breathtaking underwater scenery, access to a spectacular pearl farm, and a host of island getaway activities, all available to Guests in at atmosphere of exclusive privacy, peace and quiet.” Access to a pearl farm! A chance to go scuba diving! Ooh!
This Palawan resort has seven large cabin-type air-cooled huts – nights are apparently so cool at this resort in Palawan that airconditioning is rendered inconsequential – with hammocks and terraces.

Since there are only eight huts on this resort in Palawan, we get personalized service. We can go snorkeling, or explore the forest to “discover exotic flora and fauna”… we can even climb the hills of Flower Island and see the ocean for miles and miles. And of course, the pearl farm!
If I had the money (it’s USD90 a night!) and the time, I would definitely stay at the Flower Island Resort in Palawan!


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  2. Parang nabugbog ang entry sa links ha! *L* I checked the link out and the resort does look lovely.

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