Nanny woes

It’s been four days since we last saw our nanny.

True story: Nathan’s stay-in nanny fell sick Friday, her birthday, so we allowed her to go home for the day to spend time with her family. The next day, when she was supposed to return, she said she would not be able to because she was still unwell. She ultimately returned the morning of Sunday in time for Cathy and me to go to church.

The next day, Monday, Cathy and I went to work. Later that day, Cathy received a phone call from her mother that the nanny would be returning to her home for a few days because her fever apparently hadn’t gone away. After checking her bag and finding nothing amiss (save for a can of pineapple-orange juice that she pilfered from our fridge), my mother-in-law decided to let her go, and we haven’t seen her since.

Anyone know a good nanny?


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