Getting Nathan ready for his baby sibling

According to our gynecologist, the baby is now two months old. Seven months to go, and the three Deens will become four. Having turned three a little over a month ago, Nathan’s at that age where he’s ready to learn of what it means to be a big brother, so Cathy and I are slowly trying to introduce the concept to him so it doesn’t come as a shock to him when Mommy’s stomach starts to expand to the size of a basketball, and just a few months later, there’s a new kid in the house who demands his parents’ attention 24/7.

What we’re doing is bringing Nathan home occasional gifts and telling him, “This is from the baby in Mommy’s stomach. The baby loves you very much.” Then we tell him to kiss Mommy’s stomach, which he does with much enthusiasm (who wouldn’t if you just got a free brownie from Mommy’s tummy?).

As the months go by and Cathy starts to get bigger, we’ll introduce the concept of more responsibility so he’ll take pride in helping take care of the new baby. As early as now, Nathan now knows how to fetch the ingredients for his milk (bottle and milk measure) so we’re going to help him make it so in the future, he can help us make milk for the baby.

Nathan’s also starting to exhibit signs of musicality – he sings all the time, just like his dad, but a wee bit off key, just like his mom, kidding, honey! – and artistry, so we’re getting him used to working with paper and crayons so he can “make drawings for the baby.”

We believe that getting children involved in the process will encourage empathy instead of envy. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for how we can make this process easier for Nathan?


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