Loving Smart Telecommunications right now

Cathy and I well up every time we see that advertisement on television for Smart. You may have seen it: an old wife caring for her husband who suffered a stroke and is now semi-paralyzed. She’s puttering around the house, giving him details of how they’re getting along, and he can’t respond at all – until she receives a text message from him that reads, “Salamat Ma Love you.”

God, I’m tearing up right now.

Having a father who went through exactly the same thing – can’t speak, can’t move – and seeing my mother work double-time to provide for his needs, well, this advertisement spoke to me (and Cathy, too, who saw what her mother-in-law sacrificed to take care of her father-in-law).
This ad was a stroke of genius, pun intended. Bravo, ad people behind Smart.

Plus, the fact that I have this spankin’ new phone as a result of Smart’s spectacular retention plans?

I am so loving Smart right now.


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  1. […] online. From my surprise at learning they had Smart retention plans, to being happy at having received my phone a year later, to the realization that I was getting less value as a Smart postpaid subscriber. (The […]

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