Our son’s a little techie

Nathan is barely three years old and still unable to read, although he knows his alphabet like the back of his hand. I’m not too concerned – my son has shown himself to be quite the techie.

Nathan now knows how to turn on my desktop computer, log onto the Internet, and get onto his favorite website, www.Orisinal.com, which features over 40 easy Flash-based games for children his age. When Cathy tried to put her earphones in, she couldn’t figure the wiring and sockets out, and abandoned the set on the computer table; minutes later, she heard Nathan humming, and returned to the table to discover that he had plugged it in himself, and was now playing with abandon.

For Christmas, Nathan received an educational VTech Challenger laptop from us, and a GameBoy-type Chinese ripoff from his grandmother, my Mom. He enjoys the games that challenge his hand-eye coordination and encourage his phonic skills. Of course, we still read with him, and now that he’s really starting to hold his own in conversations, I’m thrilled that he’s shown himself to be adept at adapting to the computer age a lot faster than I did when the revolution only started to grow.

I can only imagine what technology will have for him when he and his sibling (Natalie or Nicholas, we don’t quite have the baby’s gender just yet) are ready to go to school.


One response

  1. That is a grrrreat site! It’s addicting. The cute music, pastel colors, lovable characters… it’s kid-friendly and relaxing for adults.

    Wow! Nathan’s so clever ha. I wonder who he gets that from? Hmmm. 😀

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