Nathan on farting

Last night, Nathan was horsing around with us in our living room, when he had to pass some gas (in Filipino, the word for fart is utot). He stopped in the middle of the room, gasped and said, “Oops! I made toot toot!”

Cue the raucous laughter. My son’s such a ham.



3 responses


    And Nathan’s so funneh!!! With your and C’s humor combined, naku, he’s bound to be a supah funneh guy!

  2. Nathan’s looks changed a lot ha… he looks neither like you nor C 🙂 hehe 🙂

    Nikki is also quite different in looks.

    Pero lahat kayo maputi 🙂

  3. Yeah, Bea, we’re such a white family. :p

    And he is hilarious, Toni, guaranteed.

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