My vision for Nathan

Last night, Cathy told me Nathan asked her when we were going to the ‘Greenhills church.’ I was thrilled because I took it as a sign that Nathan was enjoying Sunday school. (Cathy may have doused those hopes by saying he was enjoying the ‘Mommy time,” because he and Cathy have to walk around while waiting for me to finish singing. I still think he enjoys Sunday school.)

Regardless, I do have my own little vision for my four-year-old. Nathan’s naturally bubbly personality easily makes him a great kid to have in Sunday school. I imagine him welcoming new kids to Sunday school the way he usually does, by greeting the child “Oh, HI!” then offering him a share of whatever is in his hand at the time (crayons, chips, a toy, whatever). He’s cooperative and funny, oh-so-funny!

My son is old enough to engage kids his age.

Cathy and I claimed Nathan for Jesus the minute we knew she was pregnant, and I will do my best as his Dad to be a good role model so he’ll have someone to emulate. I know Jesus will use him when the time comes. Nathan’s gonna be a world-changer, by God’s grace!



2 responses

  1. He seems like an extraordinary child, Ganns. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Toni! 🙂 He is.

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