Nicki at 10 months

Just five days from now, Nicki’s going to be 10 months old. Time flies so fast, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday when Cathy was giving birth at the Las Pinas Doctors’ Hospital, and now, our daughter’s ready to hit one year of age, just like that.

Until about four months of age, Nicki had a significantly different temperament from her older brother, Nathan. Whereas Nathan was always affable and pleasant, Nicki refused to smile. She was fussier, and more difficult to put to sleep. There was a point sometime in her sixth month when tempers between Cathy and myself ran short, thanks to lack of sleep, thanks, then, in turn, to Nicki’s odd waking habits of 2AM and 4AM. (I ended up taking care of her for most of that period, because if Cathy wakes, she has a hard time falling back asleep.)

We chalked Nicki’s rather short fuse to the superstitious belief that she inherited the cantankerous temperament of her grandfather, my dad, after whom she was named. (Yes, I apologize for allowing myself the cheap thrill of blaming a baby’s disposition on anything other than her own inimitable personality.)

Luckily, she outgrew that temperament – and those unusual waking hours! – and is now blossoming into a jovial 10-month-old baby girl. While she occasionally exhibits behavior similar to Nathan’s when he was her age, behavior that includes romping around her crib and cooing nonstop, which are all actions expected of kids that small, she also has her own nuances that makes her distinctly different from our firstborn.

Now that she’s almost a year old, what’s staring Cathy and me in the face has to be dealt with sooner or later: where will we hold her first birthday party?


3 responses

  1. with this summer heat, all i can contribute is, basta sa malakas ang aircon!!! 😉

    shakey’s magallanes is one…
    or the Nestle house at Aurora Blvd… (ice cream party! 😉
    check out places at high street and serendra.. or jollibee at the fort (near shell, they have a 2nd floor area for parties) there’s also pizza hut here…

  2. She’s a little lady na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. She’s now soon to turn 1 year old and you guys haven’t updated this blog. I hope you find time to write, a lot of us here are looking forward.

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