McDonald’s Breakfast

My three-year-old daughter Nicki has a body clock set to “Wake Daddy Up As Early As Possible.” She gets up at around 4:30am and starts padding around the second floor looking for toys to play with and things to do. Now if we lived in a Makati condominium, maybe it would be easier, but we don’t, and so I find myself getting up to ensure she doesn’t hurt herself in the course of her play (or worse – step outside of the house).

Yesterday, it kinda hit me to do something different. I took Nicki on a Daddy Date to a 24-hour McDonald’s! I knew the Banawe branch was a 24-hour establishment, but on the way there, she and I found the Retiro branch open too. I decided to go there, and we ended up having a pretty good time. We ordered hotcakes and a Happy Meal Chicken variant, and she ate them all. She was also quite pleased with the toy that came with her Happy Meal, so there was a good time to be had by all, even at 4:50 in the morning.

I’ve been praying for more opportunities to spend time with Nicki, and God has revealed Himself so faithfully. I’m starting to see already how, in the next few weeks, God is moving things so that I’ll get more time to be with my children and wife, and this excites me tremendously. We can honor God with our work, with the number of people to whom we’re reaching out, and all that, but we also honor God with the quality of our own families, and I’d been sorely lacking in this department. Hopefully, this is already the turning of the tide. It’s amazing to see how I can see this happen with a simple McDonald’s breakfast!


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