Daddy does dinner

This evening, I made dinner for the family. I decided to make a Korean-American type fusion meal, and this is the result:

I made what I originally thought was samgyupsal, a popular Korean dish that Caths makes quite well. It turns out the bacon strips I had in the refrigerator were actual bacon strips. LOL Samgyupsal is made with three-layer bacon, and I mistook the bacon I had in the fridge for that type of bacon, which it wasn’t. So we ended up eating actual bacon, American-style. Oh well! Regardless, what’s done is done, so I went with it anyway.

I also made side dishes (banchan). The dish at lower right is kongnamul muchim, a Korean bean sprout dish. (As an aside, it was a real treat to find Korean bean sprouts in our neighborhood Korean grocery In the center is store-bought kimchi, and on the left side you see the bacon, steamed young corn, and sauteed onions, garlic cloves, and green peppers. To the right, you see sesame oil with cracked black peppers and bean paste.

For the children, I made this:

Nathan and Nicki have identical layouts on their plates (Nate’s is the green frog plate; Nicki’s is the pink bear.) They have chicken nuggets, rice with happy faces, steamed dumplings with cheese butterflies, steamed cat fishcakes, and cheese garnishes. Nicki has water in her bear cup; Nathan has broccoli juice (which he actually likes).

I need a better camera. lol

So how’d I do?

Caths: B+. If the bacon were better, it’d be an A. The bean sprouts are really good.

Nathan: A! (I don’t believe it since he didn’t finish his food.)

Nicki: F. (She hardly touched it. Ah well.)


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