Today’s dosirak

Dosirak is a Korean lunch box. Similar to the Japanese bento, it contains a good mix of vegetables, rice, and meats, ideally arranged in an attractive way. The past few days have found me making a variety of dosiraks, for myself and for my wife.

This was the first dosirak I made. Two rice pandas for Caths, in a bed of baked potatoes, pork steak with rosemary, hotdogs, and carrots.

This was the first dosirak I made for myself. A whole slew of pork steak with rosemary, baked carrots, and potatoes, hotdogs, and golden mushrooms wrapped in bacon. As you can see, I’m starting to get the hang of it, but I found that I had a lot to eat! I have to fix the portion sizing.

This is the third dosirak I made. As you can see, I significantly lessened the rice and increased the vegetables. I was much happier with this one. Baby corn, olives, mushrooms, red peppers, kimchi, and carrots (shaped with cutters lent to me by fellow bento addict Sarah).

This morning marks the first day I made dosiraks simultaneously for myself and Caths. Hopefully, she’ll take a picture of it during lunch (as will I). That means this post will have to be updated later.


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