Nathan’s Top 5 Favorite iPad Games (as of June 8, 2012)

I recently wrote about Smurf Village. Now, I want to share my top 5 favorite iPad games. Nicki will also share her top 3 in another post. Here they are!

These are the talking friends, Tom, Ben, Angela and Gina.

1. Talking Friends – I like this game because it has lots of fun stuff and copies my voice in a funny way. I recommend this game for other kids. My favorite talking friend is Tomcat but my sister likes Gina the giraffe.

Airport Mania

2. Airport Mania – This is my fave game because it’s fun and challenging and you get to know about different sorts of planes. I recommend this game for smart people.

Puffle Launch

3. Puffle Launch – Puffle Launch was inspired by the popular online game for kids called Club Penguin. I recommend this game for people who like Club Penguin like me! Hahaha! In Puffle Launch, you tap the puffles to launch to the direction the cannon is pointing at. The rest of the cannons will be a surprise.

Snoopy Street Fair lovin it!

4. Snoopy Street Fair – Also from Beeline, Snoopy Street Fair is similar to Smurf Village which I talked about before. I recommend this game for those who like Snoopy and the whole Peanut gang. In Snoopy Street Fair, you build and create a fair to collect money. What I like about this is that you can read what the customers are thinking by tapping their clouds. If only this were true in real life, we will be able to read people’s minds! Hahahaha!

Where’s my water? Swampy’s here!

5. Where’s My Water? – I like this game because it is challenging and it has a lot of levels. In this game, you dig to guide the water to the pipe to Swampy’s shower. The update of the game has two new sets of levels. The first one is “Cranky Story” and the second one is “The Lost Levels”. I hope you have fun! I recommend this game for ages 6 or higher.


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