Happy Father’s Day to our Deen Daddy Superhero!

In our church, Victory Greenhills, we have a lot of volunteer ministries where members can serve. Looking through a vintage Volunteer weekend campaign called “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” inspired me to write this Father’s Day tribute to Deen family hero, Daddy Ganns!

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Youth Ministry. Ganns is indeed a great partner in raising our children. He disciplines and disciples them with love and prays for them constantly. No wonder they love and respect him so much.

Daddy Ganns with Nathan

Nicki has fun with Daddy Ganns (and Mommy Caths)

Ushering. Ganns has an incredibly contagious smile (Remember that Gannsy Smile?) and he has a warm heart that cannot be missed. As a dad, he always lifts up our spirits when we are down.

Hospitality. With his smile and positive spirit, it is not a surprise that Ganns also excels in hospitality. Many people, specially in church, find it very easy to talk to him and disclose their personal problems. Why? Because they know he accepts and loves them as Jesus does. Although young, he is like a father to many.

Communications. Need I say more? Ganns has influenced our whole family to become good communicators. From myself to Nathan and even to Nicki, he has talked us into blogging and speaking with confidence. Fathers need to be good communicators so they can effectively train their children. He values communications so much that he even lead us in drafting a family statement for our family.

Creative Support. Ganns has been an excellent creative support in accomplishing household tasks such as helping with Nicki’s puppet assignment, creating leftover magic, and of course, using up all the remaining beauty products and other stuff around the house.

Deen Family Puppets!

Administrative Support. Ganns is a great support for me in budgeting and other household management tasks. Since he is good with computers, he helps us organize family memories through our Deen family blog which you are reading right now.

My partner, Ganns

Technical Support. Technical support is probably one of the most unassuming tasks there is. The job is important but not a lot of people actually see it. I am sure that as a dad, Ganns does a lot of good work that I do not see with my earthy eyes but God sees and isn’t that what’s more important.

Happy Father’s Day to our Daddy Superhero, Ganns!


2 responses

  1. Aww, thank you, honey! You and the family are God’s biggest blessing to me. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life. Thank you for this sweet Daddy’s Day gift! (^^,)

  2. […] got up in the morning to a blog surprise from Caths, who wrote a sweet Father’s Day message for me on behalf of Nathan and […]

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